Friday, November 1, 2013

Cutting Drum Followup

This is a footnote to the story about adding the bar grating top to the cutting drum.  Actually it is a continuation of the story of the left over piece that became my new winter entrance tread and foot scraper.

When I went to the shop this morning it occurred to me that I was derelict in not posting a picture of what I had described in text in the previous post.

This was a rainy morning and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of going out and trying dress up the picture.  When I opened the door I was reminded that the leaves were falling and had partially covered the grate and there was a paper coffee filter on the top of the grate.  I snapped the picture and stayed out of the rain.

It seemed obligatory that I explain the coffee filter and the pile of coffee grounds.  As a child, I was frequently in the home of my Mother’s father.  He was an avid fisherman and on his small lattice-walled back porch he had a small earthworm habitat.  Every morning he dumped his coffee grounds into the earthworm container.  Whenever he wanted to go crappie fishing he had a ready supply of fat wigglers.

The coffee aroma of his porch is one of the most powerful and pleasantly nostalgic of my memories.  Much later I learned how important earthworms were in creating fertile soil.

Somewhere, along the line, someone told me that if I had an area where the soil was poor I should put my coffee grounds there.  The earthworms would come to the area and feed on them.  The robins would then come and feed on the earthworms.  The robins would excrete the processed earthworms along with their viable eggs and many more earthworms would emerge in the area.  And, on and on.

I haven’t gone to the trouble to get out a microscope and check all the  steps to the putative process, but where I have used this technique the soil has improved to the point where grass is growing well.  I hope this happens outside my east door under the bar grate.

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