Thursday, October 31, 2013

Improving the Cutting Drum

After I wrote the post about the torch cutting drum I started wondering why I hand’t bothered to replace the old cut up screen with a better bar grate top as I mentioned.  I guess in a lot of situations good enough is good enough.  This was a case where it wouldn’t be worth my while to devote a lot of time or expense to upgrade.  But, I decided to at least make an inquiry.

When I made my next trip to Kan Fab, I asked about a bar grate drop and came home with a 2” x 3” piece.  I cut it to make a new cutting drum grate top and the remainder I used as a tread  leading to the concrete walk outside my east door where I have had a hard time growing grass.  I recently seeded it and put down some straw cover.  The grate would let me walk over the usually muddy area and be a nice boot scraper this winter. By spring the grass should grow up through the grate.  I didn’t expect to solve two problems at once but sometimes I get lucky.

I tested the new cutting setup and it works fine and it is an aesthetic improvement.  It’s a minor thing as things go but, more importantly, it got me thinking more about how important it is to have good support services.   That led me to write the plug for Kan Fab and describe a bit about their business.  I ask then for help with a lot of things and they deliver the goods.

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