Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Poor Design

Here is a quick example of poor design.  It may not be intrinsically bad design, but is problematic in it’s particular environment.  I acquired some tractor seats at at scrapyard and decided to make three chairs for the studio.  I chose the scroll foot design because I knew that by tweaking the scrolls it would be easy to get all four feet touching the floor in a stable configuration.  So far, so good.

What I failed to see coming was how the scroll being open at the top it was a perfect design for snagging extension cords and other things.  As, I was still building workspaces in the studio, I did have occasion to use extension cords with some regularity, so I had opportunity to prove the design to be a nuisance.

Everything in the workspace is well settled now and I haven’t used an extension cord for quite a while.  The hoses on the torches are well away from the chairs and the shop vac gets used infrequently so the problem seems to have gone away even though I never corrected the chair feet.  Sometimes just ignoring a problem long enough can seem to work.

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