Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Boone-Broussard Grille

I was looking at one of the few pieces of demonstrator-made ironwork which I have collected.  I really was interested in this piece, bought it at the auction - somewhat over my budget - but have no regrets.

This grille was covered to some extent in this post.  It was made by Mike (Smyth) Boone and Wendel Broussard at the IronFest Blacksmithing Regional Conference, Grapevine, Texas June 1-3, 2001. The conference also featured Frank Turley and Jeff Mohr.

It was terribly hot.  I spent most of my time watching Mike as his work was closer to the type of work I was doing than Wendel’s chasing and repouss√©.  They both did masterful work and I really liked the finished piece and was lucky to get it at the evening auction.  The next morning Mike also gave me the concept drawing done by Robin.  I have enjoyed these things  for over 12 years now.  

I think we owe a lot to these talented artists who are willing to travel and work in difficult and unfamiliar settings to help educate the rest of us.  Hat’s off to them.

You can still find the link promoting the conference here.

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