Friday, October 18, 2013

More About the Butcher

Here are few more words about how I like the butcher tool to fit on the handle.  First, the current handle is not the one originally on the tool which was essentially a long skinny stick.  I bought a short claw hammer handle and did the grinding to suit my needs.

I like the fit to be tight enough that when fully seated I can’t just easily slip the head off but if I tap the top of the handle on the anvil the head comes off.  To seat the head I place it on the top end and tap the butt of the handle on the anvil and the head scoots down to the fit point.  Every use of the technique is a demonstration of Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Getting the fit right requires some extra length of the fit zone and some precision sanding.  It is a pleasure to use a tool which works exactly right.  Details make a difference.

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