Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thread Lockers

I always keep some black silicone caulk on hand and use it on various projects.  It is strongly adhesive to most of the materials I use and it peels off easily and cleanly when it must be removed.  I first started using it to hold the glass panels of fireplace doors in place and later started using it as a general shop adhesive in many ways.  The only brand  have used is the DAP 08642 Black silicone sealant.  There are probably other brands which would work as well.
The black silicone caulk has worked better than anything else I have tried to keep the screws in place on the STPH hammer under the extreme vibration conditions.  I could have used the Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242

For a time, I used Goop  as the first choice adhesive in the shop but the contents of the tubes seem to dry out and become unusable more quickly that the silicone.  Using the caulking gun is a bit more tricky than squeezing a tube but I’m well up the learning curve on the technique now.  I cut the tip so it will seal tightly with a 60d smooth box nail, apply the caulk and reinsert the nail about half the shaft length and let off the pressure.  That leaves it easy to remove and keeps the silicone remaining in the tube from drying.

Someone suggested I try Lexel which is supposed to be more flexible.  I don’t have much experience with it yet but I’v used it to repair some small holes in the cowhide welding gloves and it seems to work satisfactorily.
I haven’t yet tried using the Permatex General Purpose Thread Sealant which I use with hydraulic fittings.  It is light gray in color and would probably work something like the silicone.

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