Monday, November 11, 2013

Beer Can Chicken Holder

Probably almost everyone is familiar with cooking a beer can chicken.  If not, doing a Google image search for it will provide a qick education.

After having difficulty keeping my beer can chicken upright on the trial run, I constructed a beer can chicken posture stabilizer.  It is overly complicated compared to some simpler devices shown in some of the imager search windows.  However, It was all made from scrap on hand and I’d rather over engineer a thing than have it turn out too skimpy to work.

I cut two end pieces of 3” angle with 1/4” thickness and 9” long so I had some substantial weight on the bottom.  I cut two pieces of 3/16” by 2” flat  bar 13.5” long for the sides.

I cut four pieces of 1/2” square tube 2” long for the corner sockets and welded everything together.

After it was assembled I was able to form the four arms that brace the chicken. They  were 5/16” round rod 8” long and bent about 60º a couple of inches from one end.

I insert the short arm of the round rods in the corner sockets.  When the chicken with beer can is placed in the center the rods can rotate to brace the bird and keep it upright.

Probably, much lighter material could be used for the four braces.  Perhaps #9 wire in smaller sockets would work and could be easily bent to just the right position while on the grill.

Beer can chicken holder after testing.

BCC holder components.

BCC holder on the grille.

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