Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wired Bolts

Yesterday, another bolt loosened on my spare tire power hammer.  The bolt serves as a retaining pin and it’s threads have fretted away.  There are two set of pins so it has never gone far enough to develop into a real safety problem, but it is a nuisance.  

A few months ago this happened on one bolt in the front pair so I removed them and welded on small square nuts, replaced them with the usual coating of black silicone caulk and passed a wire through the nut holes and loosely tightened it.  The bolts have stayed in place since then.

It was one of the back pair that jumped out yesterday so I did the same thing, welded the nuts and passed the wire.  I haven't had time to take another image with Thanksgiving preparations and the image I took of the first fix is a poor one.  Still, I think, this is enough to get the idea across.

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