Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Nice Gifts

We were fortunate recently to be visited by Ned and Esther Digh for an afternoon.  They were on their way home after a family visit. It was a great afternoon.  Beautiful fall color.  Betty baked a pie.  They related tales of their most recent visit to Alaska.

We’ve known each other for more than 15 years having met at a BAM meeting.  They have been very active in BAM and instrumental in it’s continued success.  They both have multiple craft talents and I am the beneficiary of several of their gifts.  On the recent visit Ned brought us two pens he had turned from Missouri spalted oak.  On the door of my writing room hangs an anvil tapestry which Esther made and on the east door of the shop is a cast sign which Ned made.

Their travels used to take them back an forth across Kansas pulling their Airstream so we could offer them a place to hook up but they no longer have a Colorado connection so they don’t cross our path.  We usually meet at BAM meetings.  Unfortunately the distance involved makes my attendance infrequent, often just a couple of times a year.  Our next visit will likely be at the annual BAM conference at the state fairs grounds site in Sedalia in early May.  The meeting following that will be at Ned’s shop in Ham’s Prairie near Fulton.

A Google search will turn up a lot of links to Ned and Esther.  They lead an active life.

Demonstrating at the Missouri State Fair

Heading Home to Ham's Prairie

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