Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Sharp Angle Bender

The first bender I acquired was an inexpensive “bench-top” bender from a discount tool dealer, probably Harbor Freight.  My recollection is that it cost $30 - $40.  When I was satisfied that the engineering worked, I placed it on a pedestal outside my garage anchored into the concrete driveway.

After my shop was built I moved it there and, for a while had it mounted in the forge room.  Then, I decided to make a larger version out of heavier stock with essentially the same design.  It was still all manual - no air/hydraulic assistance.  I moved the original bender to just outside the east door which is near my primary design work station.  I put in a concrete footing and placed the bender where I could just open the door and have it available.  I put Anti-Seize on the moving part areas for all-weather lubrication.

I wouldn’t say it gets frequent use but when it is used it is used frequently.  I have some small projects coming up which will require bending small stock at sharp angles.  I set the machine up to be dedicated to this task.  It only took a few minutes so I could have done it any time.  But, winter is coming and I’m glad I did it on a warm day near the peak of color with the seagulls migrating overhead.

Bending post in first hole of swing arm

Die post in second hole of fixed arm

Stock feed position

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