Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stop Stock

In my shop, a “stop” tool has at least two contexts.  Is it a length stop, or a depth stop?  The term “depth stop” almost always applies to my power hammers.  The term “length stop” applies in a lot of other situations.

What I actually had in mind was a specific tool I was making which incorporated an adjustable length stop.  Sometimes it’s desirable to make a length stop mechanism which can rotate and sometimes, not so.  In this case it was, not so.

Often, I make length stops with 1/4” round in 1/4” tube.  It is snug and rotates smoothly.  If I want a “non-rotating” stop, I use 1/2” square tube as the guide and 3/8” square solid as the shaft.  OK, 3/8” square bar won’t fit into the 1/2’ square tube.  To quote the GEICO commercials, “everyone knows that.” 

My solution in is to use a depth stop to make a length stop.  I heat 3/8” square in the coal fire and draw it through the power hammer with a 3/8” “weak” depth stop in place.  That particular stop is a dedicated tool which delivers the exact result I need for this.  The fit is snug.

Stop stock, peculiar title?   I thought, “What could it mean?”  Then, in my mind, I heard the tune, “to a day dream believer, and a homecoming queen.”

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