Friday, November 22, 2013

The Kirk Sullens Persimmon

When I was looking for the images of Ned and Esther Digh at the BAM demonstration I also found a couple of images of Kirk Sullens.  I had met him before at some BAM meetings but had never really spent time with him or seen him work.

We were both helping out at the Missouri State Fair BAM tent and he saw my persimmon logo and enquired about it.  I explained why I had picked it as an emblem for my  business and developed my logo.  In the conversation I used the word calyx and he reacted with a questioning expression.  I asked if I had used the wrong term and he said, “No, I’m just surprised you knew it?”  We shared a laugh and he asked it I wanted to work with him and he would do a chasing and repoussé version of the logo.

We didn’t really have a set of chasing tools but we found a piece of sheet metal and did some improvising and had an enjoyable time working on the project.  It was my introduction to the technique and I learned a lot that day.

On a later occasion I visited the Bass Pro Fabrication shop in Nixa, Missouri, where he was working at the time and hosted a BAM meeting.  That was the last time I had an opportunity to see him work.  He made a very nice forged octopus.

Kirk does magnificent work and is currently living in Florida.  I treasure my memento of that day at the fair.  It is mounted on my stairway wall.

Kirk sketching the logo.

Kirk chasing the logo.

The finished logo.

The persimmon on my wall today.

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