Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mounted Bolt Cutter

I use 10 gauge black annealed wire in several products.  12, 14 and 16 gauge wire is used mostly as a bundling material.  As a cost saving measure I bought the wire in rather large coils which are heavy and awkward to handle until they have been cut into smaller sections.  The wire arrives new in a pickled and oiled state so I store it outdoors and let Mother Nature remove the oily residue by weathering.

I’m happy with how I have my wire supply set up now so it is really handy to cut a piece quickly and with little effort.  The coils are hung on the wall just outside the door near my primary work station.  I welded a tang on the bolt cutter and mounted it on a swivel at comfortable working height near the wire.  I can just uncoil the length I need and place it in the bolt cutter jaw and cut.

Bolt cutter on swivel mount.

Uncoil and snap.

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