Friday, March 14, 2014

Vise Handle Safety

My first post vise has a gentle double curve in the handle and lots of small nicks.  Both appear to be intentional modifications.  The handle tends to stay where it is put, and doesn’t drop like a rock when stopped in a vertical position.  When it does drop is sort of works it way down slowed by the curve and nicks.  Also the curve seems to give it a self adjusting ergonomic feel.

I have wondered how far this idea could be extended practically.  I’ll probably never get around to try out variations.  I did make a sketch of a handle with a bit more radical curve but didn’t add the transverse nicks to the illustration.

I usual add additional safety feature to my post vises to help prevent getting pinched between the handle ball and the screw shaft hole.  I run a bead of silicone caulk around the shaft where it joins the ball then I wrap a 3/16” diameter leather strip around two or three times and tie it.  When dry this band acts as a soft bumper which prevents pinching.  The leather is quite tough and the silicone has enough adhesive power to keep it in place.

Other references to vise handle safety.

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