Monday, March 24, 2014

New Pocket Pliers

A while back I roughly forged blanks for a new pair of pocket pliers to replace the store-bought ones I have carried for years.  These were to be a bit longer, round nose like scrolling pliers and have the blacksmith look rather than the commercial mechanics look.

Last week I came across those blanks and finished them.  I think they were 5160 coil spring but it has been long enough that I have forgotten.  They are very stiff and did nor require any heat treating so another alloy is certainly possible.

They work great.  I’d say they work better for most things than the old commercial ones but the personal involvement may have prejudiced me a bit.  The images show the alignment I like in tongs - wide crotch and in-line reins as well as in-line bits.  There is some difference of opinion about those things and I’ll get to that next time, maybe.

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