Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Treadle Hammer Modification

Back on 2/2/12 I wrote about how I designed a modified anvil for my treadle hammer to facilitate drifting and punching an other such work.

Yesterday I was using it to sink some rather deep being in 7 gauge sheet pieces which had some volume.  They were destined to become bowls.  It quickly be came apparent that the handle on the hammer was getting in my way and I wished I had the foresight to make the handle removable.

Most of the time it comes in handy and this is the first time I can recall  that was a real problem and a potential safety hazard.  I reviewed the original plans and it looks like I placed my handle somewhat more forward than the plans show.  It seems more comfortable to me but the position may introduce this potential obstruction difficulty.  It looks like something for a new builded to study closely.

I looked for images and it seemed that most of the hammers had left off the handle.  I found these two images which I think show the position in the original plans.  The images are at this address:

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