Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Reasonable People Can Disagree

Should I add - respectfully?  

My son, the contractor,  and I from time to time, have political conversations.  That’s something that I actually enjoyed about 20 years ago but today the fascination has mostly burned out for me.  He still has some passion for it.  Recently, after one of our conversations, he remarked, “I’m amazed that people can look at the same data and see it from completely opposed perspectives.”  I’m older, more jaded and that doesn’t amaze me at all anymore.

Well, politics is not my point.  Technical preferences is what I’m thinking about.  I carried a favorite pair of pliers in my pocket for years and they seemed to become an extension of my body upon which I depended.  However, those pliers were old industrial creations and had nothing to do with blacksmithing.  I decided to make a pair or round nose utility tong-pliers to replace them.

As my model I used a pair of scroll pliers I bought at an auction quite a few years ago made by a master smith.  The major difference is that my new pocket pliers needed to be about half the length of my model pair.  I made them from tool steel and did not spend much time on finish work to make them pretty.  They are quite satisfactory, comfortable and powerful.

So how does this apply to my lead-in statements?  It is a detail of design we apparently see differently.  The tongs I used as my model work perfectly well, but, they do not align the tong reins the way I like to make mine.  So, we just see that differently.  I’t probably a difference which doesn’t make much difference.

Compare with yesterday's post http://persimmonforge.blogspot.com/2014/03/new-pocket-pliers.html

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