Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sculptor’s Visit

A couple of weeks ago a friend who is a bronze sculptor brought his sister, visiting from Chicago, to see the studio.  I gave them the tour and we played a bit with the coal fire.  I always enjoy visiting with artists who work in other media and learn how our work is similar and how it is different.

John Forsythe  is the artist owner/operator of Veritas Bronze.  His studio-foundry is located in the rural community of Reading, Kansas about a half-hour away.  On my first there visit I got quick education about the complicated process of constructing the sculptural model and then the individual parts which which would be assembled after casting.  The silicon bronze is expensive, heavy and really dangerous in a molten state.  But the sculpture is really impressive and enduring when finished.  It is mostly bronze and not iron which endures from classical antiquity.

The last time I visited his studio John was working on a large angus bull sculpture and I asked him how the project came out . He said he would send an image of it. Wow! Cool.

Bronze bull outside Veritas Bronze studio.

We talked about maybe doing some small iron-bronze collaborative experiments.  I’m looking forward to that.  We both have had the idea that it would be fun to work in a space where artists of different media could associate and share ideas and collaborate.  Actually finding such a space which is affordable is another matter.

More about John:

Vahsholtz.Twins Sculpture

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