Monday, March 17, 2014

Die Keeper Wedges

Most of the time I keep a protector plate over the top (fixed) die in my forging press.  That surface take a lot of abuse when I use various top pushing hand-held tools.  It is made of mild steel and an be replaced periodically.

It was held in place originally by two 7/16” x 1” hex bolts tightened onto the front face slope of the top die.  They tended too loosen as I worked and the die protector would move a bit and be annoying.  Several months ago I added two wedge fixtures and that problem is solved.  The hairpin hoops of 3/8” square bar are welded to the die protector.  The wedges bind on the side slopes of the top die.  A hole is drilled in the struck end of the wedge so a puller can be inserted and the wedge knocked out by hammering.

The puller is the prototype.  It was improved by adding about three inches to the shaft length to give me more working distance when hammering on the puller cross head.

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