Friday, June 3, 2011

Pedal Hammer Plans Introduction

This pedal hammer was built after considerable planning and experimenting. I use it frequently and I am quite happy with it's operation. Like most other machines it's construction process and it's operation is inherently dangerous and requires considerable skill and vigilance to mitigate risk.

This information is made available as an explanation of "how I did it" and is not intended to be a recommendation to others. It is offered without charge but if anyone finds the information useful and wants to send me a few bucks to keep me encouraged about continuing this sort of posting - Super!"

If you would like to have me arrange to have a machine built for you or certain parts made, assembled or in kit form, contact me for a price quote firm for 30 days.

This is a list of YouTube posts which explain some features and uses of the machine:
Persimmon Forge - Part 1 - (2006)
Persimmon Forge - Part 2 - Pedal Hammer Features
Persimmon Forge - Part 3 - Pedal Hammer Use
Persimmon Forge - Part 4 - Chasing
Persimmon Forge - Part 5 - Chasing & Tools
Persimmon Forge - Part 6 - Tool Making for Chasing
Persimmon Forge - Part 7 - Chasing & Repoussé/work samples

I plan to prepare further video clips of various projects for future publication.

I will post the details of my construction plan in a dozen or so installments which will include detailed drawings, the cut list and assembly information:

00. PH Plans Introduction ƒ
01. Base Frame ƒ
02. Bridge-Tower ƒ
03. Flywheel Assembly ƒ
04. Pedal Drive ƒ
05. Turnbuckle/Yoke ƒ
06. Anvil/Post ƒ
07. Balance Springs ƒ
08. Swing Arms ƒ
09. Lug Bracket ƒ
10. Hammer Assembly ƒ
11. Adjustable Seat ƒ
12. Foot Rest ƒ

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