Friday, June 10, 2011

Hammer Assembly

1. Drill the 5/16” hole near the top of the hammer tube on the back side for the safety chain.

2. the Hammer Tube (H1) to the Hammer Face Plate (H2). The tube is centered on the platte and positioned with it front sets one inch back from the front edge of the plate. This must be a continuous weld bead that is “water tight” so molten lead will not leak when it is poured.

Consider using 3" square solid or fabricating a solid steel hammer head as an alternative.

3. Drill the 3/4” holes in the Swing Arm Mounting Plates (H3) for the Swing Arm Bolts (H5) in proper position (3.5” above top of hammer tube and 3.5” above the bottom of hammer tube.

4. Weld the Swing Arm Mounting Plates (H3) to the Hammer Tube (H1).

5. Place the assembled unit on a scale and add lead pieces until the scale registers 25 pounds. Melt the lead and pour into the hammer tube. (H8) (CAUTION! Observe appropriate safety precautions.)

6. Cut open one link of the Safety Chain (H7) and slip it throught the hole (step 1 above) and weld it closed.

7. Attach the Hammer to the Swing arm with the Swing Arm/Hammer Bolts (H5 & H6).

8. Adjust the turnbuckle to

Cut/Purchase List:

H1 Hammer Tube (1), 10” of 3” Square Tube (.1875 wall).

H2 Hammer Face Plate (1) - 6” of 1” x 4” mild steel Flat Bar.

H3 Swing Arm Mounting Plates, (2), 10” of 1/4” x 4” Flat Bar.

H4 Lead Mass Fill (1) sufficient to bring the total hammer head weight to 25 pounds.

H5 Swing Arm/Hammer Mount Hex Bolts, (4), 3/4” x 6” Grade 8.

H6 Swing Arm/Hammer Mount Hex Nuts, (4), 3/4” Nylox.

H7 Safety Chain (1), 14” of 1/4” Proof Coil Grade 30 Chain, Purchased.

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