Monday, June 6, 2011

Flywheel Assembly

1. Weld the Flywheel Shaft Collar (F5) into the center hole of the the Flywheel (F1).

2. Center the Flywheel Shaft (F7) in the Flywheel Shaft Collar (F5) and fix with set screws.

3. Weld the Pedal Shaft Collar. (Drill 5/8” hole in proper position.) (F9) to the Flywheel (F1).

4. Screw the pedal Shaft Collar (F9) to the Pedal Shaft (F10) with set screws.

5. Weld the Spring Mount Arm (F4) to the flywheel perimeter in the (proper position).

6. After full assembly and testing the set screw areas can be tack welded for further security.

Cut/Purchase List

F1 Flywheel, Circle, 1/2” thickness x 21” diameter, 3” center hole for shaft collar, Eccentric 5/8” hole for pedal shaft (F10). See drawing.

F2 Top Spring Mount Post, 6” of 1/2” x 1.25” with 5/16” hole at one end.

F3 Bottom Spring Mount Bar, 10” of 1/4” x 1.5’ x 1.5” angle with 5/16” hole drilled at each end (8” apart).

F4 Spring Mount Arm, 11” of 3/4” x 2”. Cut out centered 9/16” x 3.5” deep slot to fit over the flywheel. See drawing for position.

F5 Flywheel Shaft Bushing, 4” of 1.5” i.d. 3” o.d. with 2 set screws.

F6 Turnbuckle Yoke Pintle, 2” of 3/4” Standard Black Welded Pipe.

F7 Flywheel shaft, 1.5” round x 13”.

F8 Pintle Posts (2), 1/2” x 2” x 4”. Round the top corners.

F9 Pedal Shaft Collar with set screws, 1” i.d. pipe or similar to accommodate 5/8” round rod.

F10 Pedal Shaft, 12” of 5/8” Round

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