Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anvil & Post Assembly


1. Cut 5” of 1” x 5” flat bar to make the Anvil Face (A1a).
2. Cut 2” of 3.5” solid round (tube would work too) to make the Anvil Tang A1b).
3. Center the tang on the bottom of the anvil face and weld it in place.
4. Cut three pieces of 3/4” x 1” flat bar 1” in length to make the Tang Spacers for a snug fit.
5. Mark the 0º, 120º and 240º positions on the perimeter of the tang near the bottom and weld a spacer at each of these positions.

Anvil Post:

1. Cut Anvil Post (AP1) - 37” of 4.5” Schedule 40 pipe or tube..

2. Drift Window - This feature prevents anything from falling to the bottom inside the post. I previously made an special anvil to facilitate drifting. Being right handed I wanted the drift to exit to the right where it would be easy to pick up.

Use the parabolic template to mark the hemi-elipse line in the proper position. In my case it is on the right side. Torch cut the line to create a flange to fold inside the post. Torch heat the base line of the flange and hammer it inward to close off the lower part of the tube and create the window (AP1a). Weld the perimeter as desired or close the gaps with epoxy or a sealant such as silicone caulk.

3. Weld the base of the anvil post to the base plate in proper position and perfectly vertically.

4. Cut the four post braces.

5. Weld the four Anvil Post Braces (AP2) in proper position to further stabilize the post.

6. Cut the Seat Bracket Sleeve.

7. Drill the hole for the locking hex bolt and weld the hex not over the hole. Insert the hex bolt.

8. Weld the Seat Bracket Sleeve (AP3) to the anvil post in the proper position.

9. Cut the Front Flywheel Stop, AP4. 1” x “ square tube.

10. Weld the stop in the proper position.

Anvil-Post Cut List

AP1. Anvil Post (1), 37” of 4.5” i.d. SC40 Standard Black Welded Pipe.
AP1. a Drift Window, torch cut and fold

AP2. Anvil Foot-Post Braces (2), 1” x 1.5 x 12”, square tube.

AP3. Seat Bracket Sleeve, (1), 5 “ of 2” Square tube.
AP3a. Locking Bolt/Nut, 1/2”-13 x 1.5”.

AP4. Front Flywheel Stop, (1), 5.5” x 1.5” square tube.

AP5. Anvil Back Post Brace, 16” of 1.5” Square Tube.

AP7. Anvil Foot Spacers, 1.5” square tube (2)

AP8. Anvil Foot, 3/8” x 3” x 14” (2)

A1. Anvil
A1a. Anvil Face (1), 1” x 5” x 5” flat bar
A1b. Anvil Tang (1), 3.5” x 2” solid round
A1c. Tang Spacers (3), 3/4” x 1” x 1” flat bar

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