Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hardy Hole Hammer Holder

This idea provided a nice example of alliteration and a handy work habit. In the basics phase I learned, as part of the “do your thinking in the fire”, to lay the hammer on the anvil in the position where it would be picked up when the hot work piece came out of the fire. Good advice for efficiency but there are numerous opportunities to knock a reclining hammer off the anvil face onto the floor which contribute to inefficiency.

Several years ago, after picking up a hammer one too many times I used a bench grinder to shape the handle end to a diamond which would fit in the hardy hole. “There now, stay put.” I liked the way that worked and subsequently modified my most frequently used hammer handles in a similar manner. Initially I had some concern that the changed shape would have some downside, but I haven’t identified one.

It still seems like good advice to lay the hammer in the position where it will be picked up in the next cycle but when it is put to rest I stick it in the hardy hole where it will stand at parade rest.

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