Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Machines on Lights

Usually I expect to hear the phrase "the light on the machine" referring to the common practice of building a machine such as a drill press with a work light. Some machines don't have such lights so I turned the phrase around and built my workstations with the machines on lights. Actually this just applies to my belt sanders and grinders.

I wanted each work area to have plenty of light for reasons of safety and to favor doing good work. Plugging the machine and the associated work light into a shared heavy duty power strip assures that to power up the machine the power strip switch must be closed first and this action turns on the work light. After that the machine switch can be activated. It takes a little attention to shut down in the reverse order. If shut down is done only at the power strip the the next use will simultaneously start the light and the machine. I get it right most of the time and it helps me avoid working in the dark.

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