Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pickup Tools

There are a variety of pickup tools in the shop.  Originally, there were just a couple of pairs of long pickup tongs.  Later I added some magnetic ones with small rare earth magnets on the end of a rod.  I wrote about those on 3/25/11.  Increasing stiffness probably was my motivation for experimenting with several other designs.

I decided to lay some of them out and document the types.   Maybe later I’ll get around to thinking more about their advantages and disadvantages and principles of construction and generalize some conclusions.

At the time I made or bought each one, there was some specific task influencing the design but the specifics are long forgotten.  Most use a scissor design, one is a tweezer, one is double action.  They are all mechanically some type of compound lever tool.  Most of the fulcrums are hinged with a simple lap.  One has a box joint.  Usually not much thought has gone into the grips but one has a thumb hole on one arm and a mitten-finger loop on the other.  I works well for picking up tiny things.  Ones which are magnetic or stabbing are not articulated.  There is also a magnetic disc and a magnetic bar for floor cleaning.  It’s pretty obvious to visitors that they don’t get used much.

Ergonomic grip, top

Ergonomic grip, side

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