Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 is Booked

Ken came a couple of days ago and returned a child carseat which he had borrowed for a grandkid visit.  We discussed the forging schedule and decided that the next day would be our first day for 2014.  I told him that over the holiday break I had studied the work schedule and decided I had already taken on all we could reasonably get done during the year so I wasn’t going to commit to any new work.

This was only acknowledging reality and it felt somewhat liberating to formalize it.  No deadlines this year.  I spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out a rather complicated jig which will be essential in determining whether a project can be made for a price which will make it marketable.

The order of business now is to clear out three tables which are nearly finished and taking up needed space.  Next, will come a lot of smaller projects which are partially worked.  When nice weather arrives I’ve made plans to set up a scaffold and replace the forge flue which is rusting away.  I’m working on a new design which will be modular and allow for replacement of individual sections.  Also, I plan to instal a topper which will prevent downdraft when there is a strong west wind.

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