Monday, January 27, 2014

Briefcase Stand Model

As part of my 2014 plan to reduce clutter and increase workspace I am trying to scan as many paper files as possible to digital pdf format.  My previous scanner was too slow for high volume work so I got a new one rated at 20 pages per minute.  Most of the things I need to scan can’t go through the document feeder so my actual speed will be more like five of six pages a minute.  This is still an improvement.

I need to make a stand for the scanner so I can work with it in a convenient place.  Temporarily, I borrowed a briefcase stand I made years ago.  It’s not quite right for this situation but it gives me a chance to study and figure out what I want to build.  I first noticed that it needs to be a few inches taller.

In my first career I used a briefcase to transport documents.  I still carry one to the studio every day.  Usually there are some project files kind of like in the old days, but, now there is also soapstone, tape measures, drawing supplies, small test pieces, pocket pliers, iPhone, and other odds and ends.  Today there is even a silicon carbide penetrator core from a 50 caliber round.  A friend showed me how to peel off the copper jacket and use the penetrator as a center punch.

I found my plans for the briefcase stand and I can modify them to make the new scanner stand.  If this were a client project it would be worth the time to include more forging.  In this case it will be a simple cut and weld job.  I’ve got too many other things which need attention.

I will point out that the top front corners ought to be rounded and smooth to prevent damage to the briefcase.  I used 1/2” square bar for the outer frame and 1/2” square tube for the interior pieces.  The two tray was designed as shown in the diagram.  I later added three short braces front to back in the center and that improved the design.

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