Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Touchmark Holders

When I was working on my first major client project, bifold fireplace glass doors, I designed and ordered my logo and initials touchmarks.  They were made from S4 steel and heat treated so the stamp end was about 60 Rockwell and the struck end about 50 Rockwell.  They seemed a bit pricey.  As I recall each was close to $100.  They have seen a lot of use and still seem to be as good as new after over 15 years.

At first I held them with tongs but soon made dedicated holders.  I made the fit really tight so the stamp has to be knocked out of the barrel if I need to have it free.  I place the barrel in a vise so the handle rod wrapping abound the barrel serves as a stop.  Then I use a simple handled driving tool and hammer to dislodge the stamp.  The starter end of the driver is a small punch drop with a concave face to seat over the convex head of the stamp.  When the stamp is driven below the opening of the barrel I flip the tool over and use the narrower flat end to drive it all the way out.

The 3/16" round rod twist handle of the tool looks a bit flimsy and that is intentional.  If the tool is mis struck the handle will flex and not transfer the full force to the hand.  I do still hold the alpha numeric stamps with tongs which I have modified to fit and hold them really securely.

Nice gallery of touchmarks:

Concave starter face - a welded punch drop

Concave face fits convex stamp head

Pin drives stamp out of the barrel

Anti-seize was placed inside the barrel after this photo.
Holding Alpha Numeric stamp with tongs

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