Saturday, February 15, 2014


I use Anti-Seize on a regular basis.  Yesterday I assembled some pieces which will the the spacer in my bolted dies.  Each piece has two 7/16” hex bolts and nuts.  I lubricated each bolt tread section as I assembled them and put them away for storage.

It is a little messy for me to use even though it has a handy brush attached to the screw top.  The silver color gets on my fingers and is transferred to gloves and other things before I get the residue wiped off.  It especially annoying when I get on the lenses of my glasses.

I like the fact that I can see it and tell that the item has been lubricated.  In that respect it is like the lawn care services which put green coloring in their spray mixtures so they can show they got proper coverage.

The lubricating effect seems to be quite long lasting and it holds up well even when exposed to weathering.  It is compounded mostly from aluminum, copper, graphite, calcium oxide and mineral oil.  I’ve had a couple of jars so long they got a bit dried out so I restored them by adding either mineral oil or Naphtha.

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