Friday, February 7, 2014

Arctic Weather Again

Maybe I should say still rather than again.  I’m not a fan of this below zero weather.  Enough already.  I kicked my way through deep snow to get to the shop yesterday.  The wind chill was about -8º all day.  At least it was sunny.  A very nice neighbor came over with a snow blower and cleared our drive.

Today it was cloudy and below zero again when I got up.  I stayed in and did design work on the computer.  Tomorrow we’ll have to go out and bring in firewood as the rack is now empty.

Out of curiosity I decided to find out how cold it has been in other places in the US over the years in which temperatures have been recorded.  Now, I don’t feel like I’ve got so much to complain about.  I also found a fairly recent issue of BABA’s Artist Blacksmith publication which I had not yet read.  It was a pretty nice day.

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