Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tacking a Rivet

This is another little trick which is helpful when working alone.  It is a quick-and-dirty alternative to the rivet buck helper.

In the case shown in these images I made the rivet by upsetting the end of a 3/8” round rod with torch heat to form the rivet head.  I then placed the rod through the tong holes and tacked the head.  The tongs were then flipped over and the rod was trimmed to proper rivet length with a cutoff disc.  The end was then heated with the torch and peened.  Finally, the tack was removed with the cutoff disc to erase the evidence of the kludge. 

Rivet head upset on 3/8" rod and MIG weld tacked.

Tongs flipped over.  Rod cut to length and peened.

Tack weld removed and rivet head finished.

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