Sunday, December 1, 2013

Social Media Apprehension

I tried to post a file to the 3D Warehouse this morning and got “service not available, try later” message.  I looked further to see if I could figure out why and just ended up getting a request to update my profile.  I don’t understand or use what people call social media other than conversations on my iPhone and email.  Because I don’t know the implications of using the various forms, I’m apprehensive about it.

Anyway, I continued on through the screens and added a few pieces of information.  I added an old image of me working at the pedal hammer mostly to see how the program would manage to do that.  It was a drag and drop deal - I should have suspected that.

I added the email address which is widely available elsewhere.  I didn’t add my birthday because I suspected it might link to something that would somehow result in something like everybody in the restaurant singing Happy Birthday to me.  Besides, after we’re over 70 we don’t have to anticipate any particular future birthday granting another privilege.

I didn’t add my phone number because we use Betty’s phone as our business contact.  She can hear well and I can’t.

I’ll wait until Monday to try again to post the SketchUp files I have ready to go

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