Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mini Quench Can Handles

I have found it handy to keep a couple os small quench cans on had for quick cooling of a localized area.  Here I explain how I have made them with a simple spring handle.  The small cans once held Vienna sausage, but anything similar should work.
1. Cut 1/8” x 1/2” x 28” flat bar.

2. At the mid point heat the bar and bend 180º the hard-way.

3. About 2” from the hairpin bend heat locally and twist each arm 90º in opposite directions and align.

4. About 2” from the ends locally heat and bend each arm outward about 90º.

5. Heat and form the ends to conform with the radius of the can.

6. Heat the area of the hard-way bend and bend the apex over 180º the easy-way ( there is no other way, it seems to me) to create a hanger hook.

Mini quench cans.

Spring handles.

Mini quench can on a bucket.

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