Friday, December 13, 2013

Pottery Kiln Fire Grate

A client brought me drawings of several ironwork projects.  One was a pottery kiln fire grate.  After some discussion, we decided to make it in two sections to make it easier to move.  Also I designed a system which would allow very easy replacement of the grate bars as they burn out.

The legs and front and back rails are at the periphery of the fire and not as likely to burn out as the grate bars.  The bars are upset on each end by peening so they can’t slip out of the rails and the rails lift off when the corner drop pins are removed.

In this case, the design is more fabricating than forging.  The rails were tack welded and the 7/8” holes for the bars were drilled.  Then the tack welds were removed.  In earlier grates I have fullered the holes.  The drop pins are forged from 5/8” round.  The shank is drawn down to 3/8” weak and the head is upset in multiple heats.  The grate bars ends are peened with the help of a vise socket buck.

Client's sketch.
Construction plans with modular design and provision for quick change of grate bars.

Peening of grate bar ends in a vise socket buck.

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