Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Power Platform - Motor and Pump

The mounting plate is 1/4" x 8" x 21". On the table top a Dayton 1TMX8A ,3 horsepower, single phase, 230 volt, 40 Amp, 1740 RPM motor was mounted in line with the Haldex ,11 GPM log splitter, open center, pump and joined with a Lovejoy type coupler to accommodate the shaft diameter disparity.

When the assembly was completed it was mounted, welding the three elevator struts to the base plate.

With motor and switch in place I could determine the length of 10-3 service cable needed to reach from motor to switch - about three feet. The left over 12 feet were wired to a 230v plug matching my nearest outlet. Smaller cable might have been OK - I'm not an electrical authority. I suppose less resistance is usually better. The hefty cord looks professional and the yellow color makes it easy to see and protect.

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