Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frame - Part 1:

The Web Cutout:

On the table I cut out the web window for the operational area using a torch guide jig then cleaned both side edges with grinding discs.

A torch cutting guide can be made by tacking together some scrap such as 1” square tube. The opening measured about 8.25” x 40” and was started 5” below the top and ended 10” above the bottom of the beam. This leaves a web remnant a bit over 3" on each side in the ram operating area. I cleaned the faces of the web remnants with 120 grit abrasive flap discs for a smooth slide of the greased brass guides which would be fitted later. Tis arrangement has worked very smoothly without any chatter.

Lesser Frame Reinforcements:

While still on the welding table I added the top front and back web bolsters and the bottom front and back web bolsters with the appropriate clevis cutouts. Also I did the final fitting of the cylinder base end clevis yoke, drilled the clevis pin hole and welded shims as needed.

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