Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hot Scale Shields:

One of the final additions was front and back hot scale shields, The primary function was to protect the components below from damage from hot metal. The secondary function was to form a shelf for tools and dies and work in progress. In actual use the shelf has been the more useful feature and I may make some modifications to enhance that aspect.

There have been a couple of occasions when a yellow-hot piece of significant mass escaped and bounced down to get stuck down in the vital parts below. Fortunately nothing like this had ever come to rest on a high pressure hydraulic hose where a burn through could be a big problem. I will continue considering a second tier expanded metal or hail screen barrier just above the motor and pump.

Putting it all together:

It was exciting for me to do the first trial runs. I hate to admit it but it is always somewhat surprising and thrilling that another one of my steps off into the unknown hasn't plunged me into the abyss.

Next Time Around:

It's late enough in the game that I don't say that any more. But! If I were going to try another experiment I might try making a version of the "H" frame which had a removable/replacable frame segment which could offer the deeper throat of the "C" style when the need arose.

I might even try shielding the high pressure hydraulic hose with steel or aluminum flexible conduit. It is expensive, by my standards, and It may take some sleuthing to find large enough diameter stock. I believe it is manufactured at least to 4" diameter. In the final analysis, vigilance may be the best policy.

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