Saturday, June 30, 2012


I received a phone call a few days ago to enquire about a chess set image on my web site.  I think it was actually this image on the blog.
At the time the set was completed I had gotten so busy I couldn’t take on new work and had no time to deal with updating the web site so I stopped posting new work images there and decided to post images of my work on the blog from time to time.
The call caused me to think how I would approach a request to make another set.  I called the set pictured “Celtic Chess Set” and researched some celtic material for inspiring images.  The Celtic theme is image-rich and many other approaches could have worked.  However, when I approach another such project my inclination would be to seek a new theme rather than try to extend this one.
I make certain smaller items for gallery sale which have proved to be popular.  In those cases it is worthwhile to make jigs or dies which give a regularity of form to those pieces and decrease consumer cost.  There is always some variation from piece to piece as that is just the nature of iron hand work.  But it is more satisfying to me to push the variation so its intentionality is obvious.
I’ve already spent some time and work designing other chess set tables and boards.  I like the idea, used in this set, that the board is actually the top of the box which holds the board pieces.  This set was not designed for portability and is rather heavy.  A table designed for breakdown and transport could be interesting.
My subconscious is probably now grinding away on a new chess set - a new theme.  Perhaps Native American could work. 

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