Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bandsaw Stops

  When I wrote the post on kerf bending, 6/16/2011, I failed to include mentioning how using a piece of tubing cut to proper length fits over the stop bolt on my bandsaw and makes the notching easy and fast.
I used this time saving technique while making the rectangular frames for the chop saw flip stand.  Instead of cutting four separate pieces I marked the linear sequence of elements (15”- 34”- 15”- 34”) on a piece of 98” long square tube and used a tube sleeve stop with the band saw to cut the kerf through three walls which left the back wall intact.  That made it very easy to make 90º bends at the kerfs to form the rectangle and complete it with only one MIG weld.  After squaring, it is ready for assembly.
I use a similar “notch and bend” technique when making the solid bar bridges for fire grates, feet for fire backs and several other jig and template projects. 

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