Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Tumbler Dust Collection Modification

Last week I finally made the commitment to modify the tumbler so a dust collector vacuum could be attached. This required scheduling time at the engineering company so that the shaft could be removed, delivered to them, bored, picked up and reassembled with the minimum amount of down time.

This also required devising a way to lift and support the cylinder during the time it was disassembled. I had two sturdy jack stands a a couple of large jacks, railroad and bottle to work with so that was rather straightforward. Scott, my weekend and evening helper, did the heavy work and I just drove the shaft two and from the engineering shop. That’s the way these things should work.

Everything is back together and it looks like this will work well. Small metal pieces do tend to work into the shaft so some type of screen will need to be devised. The vacuum cannot have a rigid attachment since the cylinder will be rotating so that connection remains to be devised also.

The final part of the plan is to wire the dust collector to the tumbler timer so they operate synchronously. When I have some results of the operation I will report them.

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