Monday, February 27, 2012

Selling My Little Giant

I believe I’m getting pretty good at making power hammers, at least, good enough for my needs. So, with some reluctance I moved out my trusty 50 pound Little Giant and replaced it my shop built 75 pounder with a smaller foot print.

After some delay, I advertised the machine and soon had a couple of interested buyers.

When the deal went through I experienced some unexpected feelings of “sellers regret” which brought back memories of a deal I made in 1979 to buy a riding mower. Some of the details have slipped my mind but the story goes something like this. Circumstances forced a neighbor to move to another state and it wasn’t feasable for him to move his relatively new riding mower with him. I was in the process of moving to a larger property which could actually justify a riiding mower but I was also short of cash.

The owner approached me about the proposed sale. He offered to sell it for about 40% off the new price

and I knew it was nearly new and he was compulsive about it’s manintenance. It was like his mechanical pet. I told him I thought he could run an ad and get a better sale. He said he didn’t want to do that because he wanted me to have it because he wanted it to go to a good home which didn’t make much sense to me.

Largely due to his persistance, I signed a note giving him one third down, a third in six months and the final payment six months after that - no interest.

Well, I used the mower for years, mowing 2 acres of rough pasture in the process of creating a lawn so I can’t say it had an especially easy career, but overall I think I gave it a good home.

Now comes the Little Giant sale and I am surprised to experience feelings about wantng my pet to go to a good home. I didn’t ask to get back all I paid for it, the extra parts and the features I added. I served me well for years. That’s worth a lot.

The sale went fine and I think it will have a good new home in Indianna.

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