Monday, January 5, 2015

Simple Coal Bin Hopper

A reader contacted me with a question about the design of my coal bib.  Specifically, it was about the hopper bottom.  That is a modification I’ve only thought about and haven’t made yet.  I’ve written about my coal bin several times as I saw possibilities for improvement.

My bin is nearly empty now and I am waiting for warmer weather to go back to the mine for another load.  While it is in this empty state I hope to add the slanted interior to create the hopper effect.  

Even without the hopper bottom the bin works really well for me.  Periodically, I open the top and just rake the coal over where it piles up against the chute door.  I have a short hand rake that I use to reach in and pull the coal into the bucket.  When I can’t reach back far enough I open the top again and rake more into the void.

The plan I drew on SketchUp is a bit complicated - perhaps overly complicated for my purposes.  Probably just placing a slanted board all across the back and leaving off the side slants would work to keep the coal moving forward.  That would be much easier and fit my carpentry skills better.

Probably this will be my quick and easy solution.

A simple blade-rake is what I use to pull the coal to the chute.

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