Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Secondary Coal Bin Door

The coal bin is nearly empty and I’ll need to make a trip to the mine soon. When the bin is full, I open the chute and the coal falls out to fill the bucket without any other encouragement. As the supply dwindles I have to reach in with a rake and pull more toward the chute door. It’s no big deal until the supply is down to the last 25% or so. At that point most of it is out of reach and the top doors must be opened and the remaining coal scooted toward the outlet.

The doors were hinged from the south side so they would open on the north where I backup the pickup bed for unloading. That means I can’t open them from the chute side to check the coal level or move the coal from that side. Then comes the ah-ha! moment. I needed a secondary door, a door within a door which opens from the south and facilitates management of the contents. A little jig saw work and it was completed.

The bin was originally described in the blog post on 4/7/2011. Now, I’ll add this addendum drawing. It won't be long before someone points out that I should have added another door on the left side while I was at it.

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