Monday, May 19, 2014

The Nest Fiber Vortex

When I was making the last post I noticed I could see one of the vortex nest fiber dispensers and it reminded me that they are being put to use now too.  I wrote about this simple garden wildlife product on 7/10/11.

In our yard I have found several active nest sites. The robins are nesting on the shop north porch and in a redbud tree to the west.  Carolina wrens are nesting in a milk carton box I set up for them under the eave outside our garage door to help discourage them from nesting in the garage.  House finches are in two nest boxes and cardinals are in a lilac shrub, etc. etc.

I never seem to see the birds removing the fiber material from the dispenser but soon it is nearly empty.  I didn’t have time yesterday to track down some colored yarn so I just stuffed in some fiber material from a mat that was used to cover an icy spot.  I save worn out mop fiber and rope and similar things to use too.

Again, this is a garden product which sells well in the gallery.

Almost empty.

Refilled with fiber material.

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