Sunday, May 11, 2014

Helve Hammer References

I’ve started thinking about building a helve hammer when I get the time.  I’ll start by doing the design drawings and that way I have some definite ideas in mind so I can collect potential components.

I began by studying the images I took of Bernie Tappel’s machine and making a parts list.  Next I did some searching for other design variations.  Eventually I’ll put something together that seems to best suit my needs.

The following list if some of the things I found about helve hammers on the web which seemed must helpful to me.

Richard Ferguson’s Excellent post that covers almost everything about helve hammer physics.

Hathorns Helve Hammer:

Building the Metalshaping Helve Hammer (Air Power) By Joe McGlynn

BP0063 Helve Hammer by Irnsrgn

BP0159 Helve Hammer  by Jr Strasil 

Wooden Helve Hammer:

Dick Bear’s Helve Hammer

Home Made Tools - Two Posts:

Paolo Scordia’s mini guided bench top helve hammer

Tom Lipton’s post:

Spring Under Helve Design:

Operation of a Helve Hammer similar to the one Bernie Tappel made:

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