Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BAM 2014

We’re settled back in following a few days off to attend the annual BAM conference.  For the past several years it has been held in Sedalia, Missouri on the state fair grounds.  Typically it is on the first weekend in May and, typically, it is cold.  This year, each day was warmer than the proceeding one and it was generally pleasant.

We stayed with friends and met up with others at the meeting.  I spent most of my time watching Peter Ross demonstrate making Colonial hardware and Jim Crowell make a knife blade.  I had seen Peter work several times but not Jim.  I’m not really into blade making but I found his presentation so fascinating, both funny and instructive, that I stuck around to the finish.

Slide show of some of some of Peter’s work:

Some James Crowell references:

Missouri State Fair Swine Pavilion conference site.

Peter Ross forging.
There is plenty of space for demonstrators and bleachers.
And the ventilation is good.
An image of Peter Ross work I took at another meeting in 1999.

Walt Hull striking.

Roger Degner moving one of his anvils.

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