Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rivet Locked Passthroughs

Today I’m pretty consistent about making project notes and taking images to jog my memory but this is an example from 14 years ago before I was doing the notes.

I wanted a place in the studio to hang up coats and jackets and hats.  I think I had seen a similar design which also incorporated an umbrella stand.  Also, I wanted to test this type of riveted passthrough which gives the stand its rigidity.

I took an image of the chalk sketch on the floor, and a tool I used to check the rivet alignment but that is all I recorded of the project.  The completed image was done by my professional photographer.

I think I may have started a pilot drill hole on one side of the passthrough and used the tool to insure the drill hole exited the opposite face well centered. The the tool assisted placing the rivet and assuring it would slip across easily.  The assembly could be bolted together with 1/4” bolts while everything else was being fitted.

The coat rack is still in use but not in my studio.  I don’t recall every using that type of joint again but it did work well in that situation.

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