Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clinker Breaker Modification

This is an example of a design flaw which I just adapted to and didn’t bother fixing for years.  In order to keep the clinker breaker in proper orientation for best air flow into the firepot I made a catch which would keep it in place.  Unfortunately it was a bit flimsy and often when lifting out clinker it got dislodged and rotated out of place.  I’ve just gotten used to refastening the catch when ever I do that.  Recently, I decided to admit I was tolerating a kludge and decided to try any make an improvement.

It only took a few minutes.  I sorted through my assortment of springs in the hardware carousel and found a suitable one but it was a bit too long so I shortened it and attached one end to a ring which would slip over the handle to the clinker breaker and still allow it to freely rotate.  The other end attached to the catch arm which pivots to lock and unlock.   Bingo!

The pivot catch attached to a strut which supports a hand crank blower located at the south edge of the forge indoors.  Another electric blower is located outdoors on the north porch and brings air into the opposite side of the tuyere.  There is a screw valve on the electric side and a blast gate on the hand crank side.  I mostly use the electric power and keep it running all the time and adjust the fire by opening and closing the blast gate.  This allows the air to be forced up into the fire or bypass below it.

Handle rotating.

Handle locked

Detail of catch showing pivot bolt.

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