Friday, September 27, 2013

Great Water - Great Bottles

I drink several bottles of water every day as I work in the studio.  I have a mini-refrigerator which I accepted in partial payment for an early commission along with an old Lincoln stick welder.  I eventually sold the welder.  The refrigerator seems to be one of those old appliances which is nearly immortal.  I use it to cool about 20 boltles of water and store an occasional snack.

I started the process by buying a 12-pack of bottled water and as I emptied the bottles, Betty refilled them with our tap water.  We pay attention to water.  Betty’s father was the head engineer at the water treatment plant in our home town for many years.  Red went to work at the plant in his teens.  He was a self-taught mechanical and chemical engineer and worked up to become manager of the operation for many years.  We have moved from where we grew up but we still have the good fortune to live in the town which was voted to have the best tasting drinkling water in the world.  These are some links to verify that fact.

Well, I digress.  I wanted to get to the point that when I first started buying bottled water, the plastic bottles actually amounted to something.  Over time, they have been engineered into flimsy wisps of a bottle that have an insubstantial feel when grasped and I wonder if they will biodegrade before I have consumed the contents.  I really don’t like that crinkling noise they make as they collapse under even a light grip.

In the quest for a plastic bottle that is an old-timey plastic bottle I went shopping and after getting a general education in how many colors and flavored concoctions are now bottled (when grew up bottled meant in glass), I found a plastic bottle I liked.  It was a flavored water - zero calories - and I selected the black cherry flavor.  After I took apart the four-pack and put the bottles in the mini-fridge for a couple of hours I sampled one.  Great!  Just what I was looking for - not the drink, which was tasty enough, but  the plastic bottle which had some real structural integrity.  I carried the great bottle to the house where Betty will fill it with the world’s best tasting water.  I’ll bet these bottles will last five years or so.

Here is a bit of nostalgia about water from Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers.

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